img eugogrease2018n3Eurogrease 2018 number 3

G. Franzolin “The heat is on! Sunny”
ELGI Autumn Events
• ELGI Working Group Meetings
• ELGI Grease Training Course
• ELGI-STLE Tribology Training Course
Call for 2019 Papers
2018 Technical Presentations:
• Mechanism in rolling/sliding contacts
• Lubricating Greases for Future Vehicles
• The Impact of High Viscous Naphthenic Oils in Various Thickener Systems
• High Performance Automotive Greases with Enhanced Life and Future Trends
• The Effect of Base Oils on Thickening and Physical Properties of Lubricating Greases



ELGI Eurogrease 2018 number 4 

Καλωσορίσατε στην Αθήνα – Welcome to Athens
2019 ELGI Board Nomination
Review ELGI Autumn Events
2019 AGM Athens Greece Information & Programme
Company News: Axel Christiernsson; Nynas
2019 NLGI call for papers
Development of fast screening method of greases based on different analysis via determination of reaction kinetic
New technology from the 4th industrial revolution
The tribochemical activity of perfluoropolyether lubricants using a Spiral orbit tribometer
Venit, Vidit, Vicit: Do all roads lead to lithium complex?
PFPE-greases: modern trends & perspectives

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