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The following is a guideline on our requirements and to assist in preparing your presentation

Technical presentations must comply with the following requirements:

  1. Advise the ELGI by 20th October of your desire to present a paper.
  2. Please forward your topic & abstract to the ELGI, in Microsoft Office format.
  3. You will receive notification of acceptance by 30th November.
  4. Depending on the number of presentations, the conference programme guide allows 30 minutes for each presentation inclusive of questions and answers.
  5. Power Point presentations should be in wide screen format. The ELGI will provide a template for presentations which should be used; individual corporate logos can also be included but should not materially distract from the ELGI Logo. Do advise the ELGI of any special audio-visual equipment required
  6. Once a paper has been accepted by the ELGI Review Committee, the rights to publish in Eurogrease and use of the material in any way consistent with the objectives of the ELGI are considered granted unless specific written instructions to the contrary are received by registered delivery.
  7. Since the ELGI only has abstracts to consider papers for presentation, we reserve the right to reject any paper (manuscript) if deemed too commercial.
  8. The use of specific brand names and commercial aspects should be avoided. Any reference to products should be in chemical, scientific or generic terms.
  9. The ELGI reserves the right to refuse publication in Eurogrease.
  10. When you inform the ELGI of your intention to present a paper, please forward a photograph & CV summary (5 lines) of the author(s) and an abstract of around 200 words of your paper. This information will be published in the Eurogrease and on the Web prior to the AGM.
  11. Your Word Document Manuscript should reach the ELGI by 1st March.
  12. Your Power Point Presentation should reach the ELGI by 1st April.
  13. If you are unable to meet any of the deadlines, 20th October (abstract), 1st March (manuscript), 1st April (PPT) please contact the ELGI to make alternative arrangements. If a full copy of your manuscript or Power Point presentation is not received by these given deadlines, the ELGI reserves the right to refuse your presentation.
  14. All word document manuscripts will be uploaded in PDF on the ELGI Conference Portal and will be available to registered attendees a week prior to the conference.
  15. Photos are welcome and will be considered for use on the cover of the Eurogrease, dependent on the subject matter.
  16. Each session has a designated Session Chair. It is strongly advised that you familiarise yourself with the room layout, projection equipment etc.
  17. Following the ELGI AGM, all manuscripts (PDF) and presentations (PDF) together with AGM proceedings and photographs will be available to registered AGM attendees only.
  18. The conference fee for 1 lecturer per paper is waived.